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Standard doors are equipped with mortise-type cylinder locks and two keys.

Transoms are provided for partitions highter than 7 feet.

Hinged Door Section
Hinged Door Section

Sliding doors are equipped with heavy duty four-wheel hangers, box track and mortise-type cylinder locks.

Sliding Door Section
Sliding Door Section

Opening size is 24" wide x 18" high. Wire window panel is equipped with padlock for securing in either the open or closed position.  The window unit may be factory-installed in panels up to 5'-0" wide

Service Window
Service Window
24" x 18" slide-up 
window with shelf
in 5' wide panel
Bronze Mortise (or aluminum) type - sizes 3 5/8' x 6 3/8" x 1' thick with standard 1 5/32' diameter 5 pin tumbler cylinder on outside and recessed knob on inside.  Keyed different, alike or master keyed.  These locks can be furnished with cylinders on both sides for maximum security.
side and front views Sliding door lock
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